Living a healthier lifestyle tends to be a popular focus for the New Year. But while plenty of people are making these resolutions, around 80 percent of resolutions fail by the month of February according to Business Insider.

However, don’t let the data freak you out. We’ve got some tips to help make your resolutions a success.

1. Find the right motivation.

Figure out why you want to achieve your New Years resolution and get specific. Don’t just say, “to be healthy.” What’s the why behind it? Is it for a sport, your kids, or avoiding a potential health risk? By being as specific as possible, you’ll find more reasons to stick to your resolutions.

2. Write your resolution down.

One scientist found that you become 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you put pen to paper and write out your goal statement. After writing your goal down, try placing it in a motivating location. For example, if your resolution is to eat healthier, try taping your goal on the front of the fridge as a constant reminder.

3. Find a partner.

It’s hard to make lifestyle changes on your own. If you’re trying to work out more, find a friend or a family member who would make a reliable cardio or lifting buddy. Having a workout partner can help you stay committed to your goal even the laziest days.

5. Stay positive with a support system.

You will have setbacks. There will be days you skip a workout or maybe have more than a few cheat meals. It’s okay, they happen. Instead of giving up during a setback, try leaning on a support system filled with friends, family members, or coaches to get you through the rough spots.

5. Keep it YOU centered.

It’s easy to get caught up in the competition of goal setting, but don’t forget that your New Years resolution should always be about you. Don’t pick a workout regime or specific diet just because you’re friend is doing it. Pick one that’s right for you and your body.

If you decide to create a health-centered resolution for 2018, don’t forget to always listen to your body. Different workouts impact your muscles in different ways. If at any point something feels off while you’re working out, don’t hesitate to give us a call. LOPT makes a great support system when it comes to helping you reach your resolutions.