Everyone knows that working out is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but why do we have such a hard time committing to a steady workout regime? It tends to come down to two reasons: time and expenses.

If you’re struggling to get to the gym, try these at-home exercises that can easily fit into your hectic schedule for little or no price.

Bicep Curls

Bicep curls tend to be the bread and butter for arm workouts due to the minimal space and equipment needed. If you’re at home without any weights, take a quick look in your pantry or refrigerator. Cans, bottles and books tend to make great weight substitutions if you don’t have the real thing.

Walking Lunges

This exercise can easily be done when you’re waiting for dinner to be finished or even while doing some light reading. Try doing them the length of your house, living room or backyard. Add in light weights or household objects to increase the difficulty.

 Push-Up Variations

Similar to the bicep curls, push-ups are a workout classic that can be spiced up with a few variations. Try performing them against a wall, narrowing or widening you grip on the floor, or even a single-leg push-up if you want more of a challenge.


Planks are another workout that doesn’t have to be done at the gym (just watch hard wood floors). Regular planks, side planks and double knee tap planks are great for the abs if you don’t have access to any weights.

Stair Climber with Bicep Curls

Add a little twist on the bicep curls and do this exercise as you walk up and down the stairs. Not only are you getting a killer arm work out, but a leg one too.

Step-Up with Knee Raises

The only equipment you need for this exercise is a flight of stairs or a single step that could be found outside your home. This workout is pretty self-explanatory. All you do is step onto the ledge and raise your opposite leg at the same time (and vice versa).

Wall Sits

There’s a good chance that you have some empty wall space around your house that would be perfect for wall sits; try doing these for 60 seconds per set. Add in bicep curls or arm circles to get an upper body workout as well.

Bodyweight Squats

You don’t always have to be at a rack to get an effective squat workout. Bodyweight squats can be performed anywhere in the house without any equipment. If you want to step it up, perform these squats with a heavier cookbook or textbook.