Falls are not part of the normal aging process, but many aging adults may suffer from them.  Falls do not have to be a fact of life for seniors and may be due to reversible conditions. Complications from falls can lead to lengthy hospital stays and increase dependence on others. Rehabilitation specialists can recommend a variety of options to prevent this from happening.

At Lincoln Orthopedic Physical Therapy our Occupational and Physical Therapists can assess each patient’s posture, balance, strength, walking pattern, joint flexibility, vision, cognition, and conduct an interview regarding the home environment. After they have determined what is impairing your balance, therapists will design an individualized program of therapeutic exercises, including specific strengthening and balance exercises, gait retraining, and safety education. All exercises will be designed for maximum safety and security.

If needed, your therapist may recommend an assistive device for walking such as a cane, crutches, or a walker and also make appropriate home adaptation recommendations like bathroom safety equipment.

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