Snow is a fact of life here in the winter. Shoveling snow is one of the most common causes of back injuries during winter. This makes us sad (but profitable, we’re conflicted) because these injuries are usually preventable. The following snow removal tips can help you to avoid low back injuries and pain during the snowy winter season.

Four 100% foolproof ways to avoid snow-shoveling injuries this winter:

  1. Buy a snowblower
  2. Hire a neighborhood kid to do your shoveling
  3. Hire a company to do your shoveling
  4. Move someplace warm where snow doesn’t exist

If you insist on being stubborn and shoveling your own snow here are 9 ways you can reduce your risk of injury:

  1. If you’re fit and have a strong core you’re less likely to hurt yourself.
  2. Pick an ergonomic shovel that doesn’t require you to bend as much.
  3. Pick a shovel with a smaller blade, this means you won’t be trying to lift 50lbs of snow at once.
  4. Warm up a little first, letting your muscles know that they need to get ready for some labor helps.
  5. Lift properly, use your legs and bend at the knees and hips not at the back.
  6. Push the snow instead of lifting it if possible.
  7. Pace yourself, racing through as fast as you can will only increase your chances of hurting yourself.
  8. Avoid twisting
  9. Wear boots with a good, grippy, tread. Many injuries are the results of slipping on ice and snow.

There you have it, four foolproof methods of avoiding injury and nine ways to reduce your risk of injury. At LOPT we’re doing our best to keep you healthy. If for some reason you despite all of this useful information you still hurt yourself this winter give LOPT a call and we’ll fix you.