As the weather warms up, it’s time to dust off your helmets and unearth your bikes from deep in the garage. With more than 130 trail paths, it’s no surprise that Lincoln has repeatedly been named one of the best biking cities. Lincoln’s variety of bike trails giving every cyclist options.

Take advantage of all the biking paths Lincoln has to offer because it’s a great summer workout. Bicycling has been known to lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, promote weight loss, and advance your mental health.

Before you get back in the biking groove, take a look at some of the trails Lincoln has to offer.

Billy Wolff Trail

Roughly 4 miles

This trail takes cyclists along Antelope Creek and parallels Holmes Lake Park and Golf Course. The Billy Wolff Trail is perfect for those looking for a paved path with some scenic views. Follow it long enough and you’ll bike by the Children’s Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, and Antelope Park.

Salt Creek Levee Trail

Roughly 4 miles

The Salt Creek Levee Trail connects the Jamaica North Trail on the south and Oak Lake Trail and Haymarket Park on the north. This crushed stone path is great for walkers and cyclists alike.

Jamaica North Trail

Roughly 7.9 miles

The Jamaica North Trail follows the old Union Pacific Railroad corridor as it takes you on a path connecting neighborhoods to parks and trail connections. Start on the northern part of the trail and you’ll encounter a concrete surface, try it from the south side and you’ll bike on crushed stone. Halfway along the trail, you’ll encounter the Wilderness Park, Lincoln’s largest park that offers both hiking and mountain bike trails.

John Dietrich Trail

Roughly 3.12 miles

Named after a trails advocate and bicycle shop owner in Lincoln, the John Dietrich Trail provides a connection between the university’s city and east campus. This concrete path is great for both biking and inline skating and offers scenic views as it passes through both Peter Pan and Bethany Park.

Tierra/Williamsburg Trail

Roughly 3 miles

Follow along one of Lincoln’s neighborhood corridors as the Tierra/Williamsburg Trail connects the neighborhood to South Pointe Trail and Pine Lake Trails. Another paved path, the Tierra/Williamsburg Trail is great for biking and inline skating.

MoPac Trail

Roughly 21.3 miles

Bike along a crushed stone path as you pass scenes of prairie, woodland, and farmland. Beginning at the University of Nebraska, the MoPac Trail travels along the abandoned Missouri Pacific Railroad corridor all the way to Wabash.

As you’re out biking, always remember to have proper biking technique. Your hip, knee, and ankle should always line up as you pedal. Double-check your saddle height to prevent knee pain. The placement of your seat should allow your kneecap to be arranged over the ball of your foot. If you have any questions regarding bike safety, give LOPT a call. We’re happy to help you out.