Total Joint replacement surgery is a true wonder of modern medicine.  Total joint rehabilitation plays a key role in assuring that a patient gets the most mobility out of their new joint.

When diseases like arthritis degrade joints in the hip, knee or shoulder – replacing the joint can add years of pain-free mobility. But it is a major surgical procedure that needs careful post-surgical care. And rehabilitation is a key part.

The Lincoln Orthopedic  joint replacement rehabilitation program is custom-designed to:

  • Strengthen the repairing bone around the replaced joint
  • Keep muscles strong and healthy
  • Manage the pain of recovery
  • Improve mobility, range of motion and dexterity


Rehabilitation plays a vital role in recovery from total joint replacement: including the knee, hip and shoulder. At Lincoln Orthopedic Physical Therapy, rehabilitation builds strength, promotes healing and helps maximize range of motion.

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